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December 2016  

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The challenging role of a security manager.

The challenging role of a security manager.

Protecting people and assets in an unforgiving regulatory climate while balancing shrinking budgets. Daniel Wan asks if there's a tougher role in the security industry today?
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Securing future banks.

Securing future banks.

When was the last time you heard of an 'unlimited' budget? Ajay Vij discusses the cyber security spending of the largest banks and how to safeguard against threats.
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'Wannabe' cyber criminals.

'Wannabe' cyber criminals.

A new wave of hackers are deploying ready-made cyber attacks. Luke Beeson, VP of security at BT talks about the rising threat to financial institutions... Read More >




Retail banks: securing for the future


Cyber security is synonymous with banking right now. In the face of tighter budgets and reduced spending across all sectors of business, security is the one area where financial services organisations are spending big – ‘unlimited budget’ big – in some cases.

As the scope and nature of security threats increases, crime-as-a-service is the latest trend threatening the banking industry. It gives even the most amateur criminals the tools to commit cyberattacks on a massive scale, with minimal or no expertise required.

What does this mean for security managers? And how can they combat the rise of disruptive forces such as crime-in-a-box? For starters, working with one provider to implement a joined up and centralised approach can help to better coordinate your security systems.

Third-party cloud providers are increasingly being used to help manage security, with BT Ark data centre services being one such solution. Designed to meet the increasing demand from large UK-based organisations it offers sustainable, secure and compliant cloud-based services.

And as branches increasingly act as advisory centres and become more customer-centric, securing your physical assets is just as important as dealing with the ever-present risks in the digital world.

Ian Carter

Ian Carter
BT Global Banking and Financial Markets

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What's hot right now...

What's hot right now...

The latest headlines from the world of retail banking: the all-in-one fintech startup, digital gold is here, updates on cyber insurance and more...
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News and blogs from BT


How to make mobile banking accessible to all.

Technology can have a huge impact on finance in every region of the world. Here’s how cloud services can transform the potential of mobile banking.

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How cloud collaboration cuts costs and boosts efficiency.

Investment in new IT infrastructure may seem a scary step. But moving your organisation to the cloud can have significant benefits for your bottom line.

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With biometrics, security really is at your fingertips.

Biometrics is a developing area of technology that improves identity-based security. And in this blog I’ll look at some of the exciting innovations hitting the market.

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INFOGRAPHIC: What retail banking customers want.

Technology has transformed how retail banks interact with their customers. But what do the customers think about all this change? Our research reveals all.

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How Nationwide found a new way to take on cyber criminals.

Online and mobile banking are prime targets for cyber criminal entrepreneurs. That’s why Nationwide teamed up with us to tackle emerging threats.

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Why cyber threat intelligence matters.

Cyber criminals can innovate quicker than you can. Here’s why you need the right intelligence and expertise to do defend your networks and prevent a breach.

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